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Come discover a place where the stressful demands and speed of normal daily life can be left behind. Even if done just weekly, Yoga can interrupt the dangerous cycle where chronic stress leads to serious illness. Every Harmony Yoga class offers three proven stress reducers: deep relaxation, fitness and deep breathing. Students say the weekly pause to clear their minds, listen to their bodies and stretch bring lasting relaxation and renewal.

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After 40 Hours, Don’t You Deserve 90 Minutes of Yoga?

Students often begin class with neck, shoulder and back tension caused by hours of sitting over a desk or computer or long periods of standing. By the end of class, students commonly say their mind and body feel more relaxed. Every Harmony Yoga class helps open up the front of your body and can reduce back, neck and shoulder pain through strong but safe stretching. Yoga’s deep relaxation restores body and mind.

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Yoga Can Benefit Arthritis and Other Forms of Chronic Pain

Yoga postures put your body into gentle, safe but unusual positions so that all points and surfaces of your joints benefit from more lubrication and increased range of motion. In his book Yoga for Arthritis, Dr. Loren Fishman says Yoga is like a key that can open and benefit arthritic joints. As wear and tear on the body increases with age, Yoga offers a low impact way to move away from pain and toward more ease in your body. Deep relaxation helps renew body and mind.

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You’ve Restored a Home … Use Yoga to Restore Your Body

Yoga offers time to renew and respect your body as the most important and irreplaceable “tool” in your toolbox. Whether you’re a professional contractor or do it yourselfer, home improvement work can create joint and muscle soreness. Yoga safely stretches different muscle groups to release stored tension. It also can bring lubrication, ease and healthier alignment to sore joints. Deep relaxation offers your body and mind a brief vacation.

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